(taxi fares from village shown in BLUE  - THB / £GBP / $US)

There are many Wats [temples] in the local area and if your interest is Bhuddism then Thailand is the place to be. 

There is a big permanent market nearby in Chinatown Nonthaburi, near to the Nonthaburi Pier, where you can buy anything to wear, eat or get souvenirs [Not expensive] Nothaburi pier and market fares taxi from village 60 / 1.2 / 2

From the Nonthaburi Pier you can catch the Chao Phraya Riverboat[15 THB] which will take you down river to many Wats, The KIng's Palace, Diamond Buddha, and you can watch the world go by on the river.  As you get nearer to the city, hotels and new condominium constructions rear up on the river banks.  The end-of-ride main stop is Saphan Thaksin [Thaksin Bridge], which connects to the BTS Skytrain.  Check out the Chao Phraya Timetable here. and see the map of Piers and locations

Skytrain Tickets are usually purchased with 10THB coins and if you are planning to visit more than once, then buy a weekly ticket [NO concessions], which is infinitely more convenient and saves having to scrabble around for coins etc.

Should you want to go directly into the city then a taxi fare [depending on traffic] would be about 250 / 5 / 8 or take a taxi to Mo Chit BTS

120 / 2.20 / 3.5

Chatuchak Market [The largest indoor market in the World] at the weekend is a great tourist attraction - same taxi rates as applied to Mo Chit BTS 120 / 2.20 / 3.5

You will find in the house a handy guide to Bangkok with maps and useful information.


Thailand is a culinary dream - the variety of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, together with a vast range of herbs, spices and chillies, makes learning to cook Thai style a must, if you have the time.  There is a list of cooking schools in and around Bangkok, which offer day courses and further development.  I have attended the Blue Elephant One Day cooking course and found it very rewarding.

The list includes Japanese, Indian and Italian courses as well.


Where to begin ??  Thailand has such a lot to offer and depending on how long you are staying, will govern what you might want to do or where you want to go.

For seaside and beaches, popular destinations are Phuket, Pattaya, and Hua Hin, but there are many others.  Diving and snorkelling - Andaman sea/islands, and the many islands in the Gulf of Thailand.  Take Hua Hin for example,lovely beaches, warm sea and from the house a taxi [most convenient] would cost about 2,500 / 50 / 80 and would take about 2.5 to 3 hours to get there.  There are 'van buses' [no room for big luggage] 140 / 3 / 5 which leave Victory Monument [down town] every half hour, or Southern Bus Garage, or even train from Bang Sue station [not recommended at present].

Visiting Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai [ White Temple and Clock Tower ] [ Mae Fah Luang Garden - DoiTung }

You may want to visit Chiang Mai, fly there from Don Mueang airport, stay a couple of nights then take the Green Line Busthrough the mountains to Chiang Rai, stay 2 nights and then fly back to Don Mueang 

Various airlines, but NOK AIR provide a reliable service to Chiang Mai and return from Chiang Rai. Flight time about 1 hour costs about

1300 / 26 / 42 [prices vary according to date of travel and time of day when travelling]

Other places to visit are 'Bridge on the River Kwai, Tiger Temple, Flower and Floating Markets.
THA can organise a taxi for all day [up to 4 persons] for 3000 / 60 / 95

You will find in the house a handy guide to Thailand  with maps and useful information.

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