THE THAI LANGUAGE is not similar to any western languages so immediate resemblances do not exist.  We hope you will find this listing of common words and phrases helpful.  It is written phonetically and although it works most of the time , it is not foolproof!!


VISA REQUIREMENTS  - Click here for up-to-date information.

LOCAL INFORMATION     (taxi fares from village shown in BLUE  - THB / £GBP / $US)


ON  02 969 6785 - SAY "TAXI PLEASE, SAM, SEE, NUNG" AND ONE WILL ARRIVE OUTSIDE THA SHORTLY. [ The 'For Hire' red light in the windscreen should be illuminated, else you are paying for a driver who cannot read a map! ]


The Driest months are from November through to Mid-March, warming up in July August, September and October  The rest of the year is just an agreeable temperature of between 25 and 30 deg C.  The 'RAINY' season normally happens in July, August and September, and this is usually a shower or thunderstorm late afternoon, and sometimes it will rain all night, but in the morning the sun returns and all is forgotten.


Milltary maybe, but the NCPO is getting on with the Herculean task of getting Thailand back on its feet, and doing this well - cleaning up beaches, stamping out graft / corruption, getting sensible projects under-way and a multitude of other poorly managed tasks they have inherited from previous governments.  Here at THA there is no difference in life style, but if you want to go down to the city and cause a rumpus, then you might get your collar felt.  Life in Emerald Park and Soi Rewadee, in fact the whole area around us has changed very little in the last 10 years or more.  Unfortunately the Western media has overstated the situation in Thailand, to its detriment.


There are a few mosquitoes around after 5pm so if you are siiting outside we recommend you to use the anti-mozzo cream, [easily available through 7-11] or light a ring system which you will find in the kitchen cupboard, and if you do have the misfortune of getting bitten, rub in some 'SAM-BAK. [Green tin]  One of each of these products is provided on a complimentary basis.  There is also a kit

called 'The Black Hole' which draws mosquitoes to its blue light and they subsequently perish in the trap.  From time to time the community will spray all around, but nothing to the detriment of humans and animals.


There are many local shops in Soi Rewadee just outside the gate to the village, Tesco Express,[ next door you will find a small market selling all kinds of cakes, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, lettuce etc., etc., 7-11s abound, pharmacies [tend to open in the afternoon], fruit and veg stalls everywhere.  Internet cafes and a petrol station, beauty salons, barbers, and a whole assortment of hardware and shops selling miscellanea.  Various drinks, tea or coffee hot or iced are available, fresh coconut juice et al.  Generally speaking, fresh fruit and vegetables [ washed ] are fine to eat.  On Sundays there is a BIG market in Soi Rewadee down past soi 21 - very busy from about 13.00hrs.

BEWARE the cooked food stalls - not for western or foreigner digestive systems, smells good, looks good,  

but do not be tempted !! - sometimes even the locals get sick from eating this.

The Mall [Ngam Wong Wan] [open 10.30 am until 10 pm] has many floors] 70 / 1.50 / 2.5 is like a fully fledged department store with affilliated shops at all levels, including a delicious food hall - buy your meat and fish from here: more expensive but better quality.  NB. beef steak, filet, sirloin, rump etc is very chewy in Thailand.  There is an outlet of SIZZLERS on the 3rd floor for unlimited salads and a variety of Australian beef, salmon, prawn, pork and chicken    Restaurants include many Sushi bars, Swensens Ice Cream Parlour, MK for duck and red pork, Ronald McD, banks, pharmacies, gold shops, a giant eating hall on the 5th floor, seaquarium, and many IT and mobile phone shops, rest rooms etc - you name it, they have it. NB If you want to buy a good Australian steak to bring back to the house, you will need to go downtown to Central Chitlom Food Hall. [Taxi to MO CHIT BTS then direct to Chitlom on the Skytrain - takes about 45 mins - one way]

The Esplanade [open 10.30 am until 10 pm] [Rattinathibet Road] 50 / 1.00 /1.6 has KFC, MK and Sushi bars, wine shop, Tesco Lotus main supermarket, cinemas, and on the 4th floor, 24 lane 10-pin bowling, and full ice skating rink.  Other smaller shops, hairdressing salons, banks, jewellers, etc.

Central Plaza [open 10.30 am until 10 pm]( pronounced SANTAN - RATTINATIBET) 60 / 1.20 / 2 has Homeworks, Tops Supermarket, Robinsons, Cinemas, Power Mall, Main Banks, and many fashion shops and chemists.

BIG C Tiwanon [open 9.30 am until 10 pm] 50 / 1.00 / 1.65 American owned supermarket for clothing, food and alcohol [Thailand has weird buying times for alcohol i.e.  you can buy from 11am until 2pm, then from 5pm until midnight] but many local shops turn a blind eye - it's more money in the till !.  Underneath BIG C there are more eating places, Ronal McD, Swensens, Black Canyon Coffee, and multifarious shopping outlets, though nothing like The Mall or Central Plaza


Local area Petanque - very popular in Thailand - played every afternoon from 15.30 untli 18.30 (weather permitting) Soi Tiwanon 3 / Pracha Rat 16/1 opposite small bar. [10 mins cycle ride]

Swimming Pool - located just 5 mins cycle ride / taxi ride from The House [THA] at the location 35/9 down soi 21/1 Rewadee is a lovely pool open 10.00 - 19.00 weekly. 50 / 1 / 1.6. Children's shallow pool, ice creams and drinks.  Best visiting times are 10.00 until 16.00 Monday to Friday, when the pool is almost deserted.  Evenings, Saturday and Sunday are busy.

​Bathing hats or bandanas must be worn whilst swimming - else rental 40 / 0.80 / 1.2

Full indoor gym, 10-pin bowling and Ice Rink at The Esplanade

Rifle shooting, target practice and fishing are available locally.

Golf driving ranges nearby - check Google.

Bicycles - At the house there are 2 adult bicycles with passenger seats, and 1 child bicycle [8-15 yrs].  Riding at night is not recommended, and the whole area is flat. [Users are responsible for upkeep, punctures, maintenance and security - locks and basic tools provided]


Should the unforseen medical condition arise, many hospitals in Thailand are 5 star and the one local to the house is NONTHAVEJ, next door to The Mall shopping centre. [English speaking staff].  Your travel insurance [MUST HAVE] will cover all expenses - some policies will pay direct, whilst with others, you pay and claim later.  Always take your passport with you for registration.

Take a taxi or if needed call for an ambulance +66 2 951 8585